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Local Events July 22-29 Across Windsor-Essex-Lakeshore-Pelee Island

Snap Shot of Events Around Windsor-Essex-Pelee Island

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3 tips for catching Muskie 

1. Bait size should increase as the season gets warmer – When the water is cool you’ll want to use a smaller size lure and bait. Remember that during the spring months they go after smaller prey and increase their prey size in the fall months.  2. Feelin' Froggy? - Use Frogs or Minnows –… Continue reading 3 tips for catching Muskie 

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Quote of the day

Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine. ~Slovakian proverb Cottage4Me Vacation Rentals

Fishing Tax Returns
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5 Fun Fishing Facts Novices Don’t Know

1). Criss-Cross: Wonder why toothy walley rarely sheer your line, but muskie and pike do? Walleye might be toothy but the cross-sections of their teeth are round unlike the razor sharp teeth of muskie and pike. TIP: Tie a wire leader when catching esocids. 2). Turn The Lights Out: Ever wonder why the fish appear when the sun… Continue reading 5 Fun Fishing Facts Novices Don’t Know

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3 Ways To Know If You’re Fisherman

1). When you wake up early to go fishing, but you're late for work. 2). 4:30AM is not early, when you're up to catch fish. 3). You refer to your BOAT as "sweetheart, and your wife as "skeeter". What are some other things that define you as a true fisherman? Let us know in the… Continue reading 3 Ways To Know If You’re Fisherman

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10 Facts About Vacation Rentals Everyone Thinks Are True

1. You'll be sleeping in someones unused family cottage. Most dedicated vacation rental owners are business men/women who view their cottage or vacation home as a business not an income stream when they aren't hosting their own family gatherings there. 2. You wont have hotel-like amenities. At Cottage4Me we pride ourselves on providing everything you'd find in… Continue reading 10 Facts About Vacation Rentals Everyone Thinks Are True

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