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Canadian Thanksgiving – 5 Facts You Never Knew!

We Canadians have a lot to be thankful for when Canadian Thanksgiving rolls around. For one, we get to celebrate much earlier than our neighbours to the south, so we get to enjoy the warmish weather and brilliant foliage while we’re rubbing elbows with relatives.

  1. Sorry America – October is the real Thanksgiving! English navigator Martin Frobisher celebrated thanksgiving October 1578, in Newfoundland, Canada – 43 years before the first American documented celebration of Thanksgiving.
    flag turk
  2. Turkey-Turkey: Canadians consumed 2.5 MILLION turkeys Thanksgiving of 2015 – enough turkeys to stretch from Ottawa, ON to Calgary, AB!TURKEY OTTAWA CALGARY
  3.  We can thank our neightbours in America for the turkey, sides, and desert! –  The tradition of eating turkey, pumpkin, and squash at Thanksgiving was introduced by American refugees who settled in Canada during the American revolution.
    turkey hat main
  4. Why do we call those delicious birds covered in gravy “Turkeys” anyways?
    Europeans use to enjoy feasting on guinea follow imported from Turkey, to which they came to call “Turkeys”.  Later when Spanish settlers came to North America they happened upon a bird that tasted similar to the Europeans ‘Turkeys’.
  5. Not all Canadians get Thanksgiving off as a holiday (What a crime)!
    In PEI, Newfoundland, Labrador, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia Thanksgiving is not a statutory holiday.bear pump

Whether you’re stuffing your faces with turkey and pumpkin pie or sleeping in this Monday – Cottage4Me Vacation Rentals wants to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Checkout this great infographic about Thanksgiving in Canada vs America

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