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Packing for your Pet

Here are a few packing ideas when taking your pet on vacation.

Medications: Firstly, consult with your vet prior to travelling to ensure they are in good health. If your pet requires any medications, pick up refills before you leave. Find out if there any travel pet advisories – for example fleas, ticks, heartworm, etc. and ensure you have the proper medications to address these issues.

Kennel or Carrier : Despite the advertisement of a pet-friendly accommodation some businesses require that your pet be placed in a kennel when you are not occupying the property. A kennel is also a safe way to travel with your pet.

Feeding Bowls: Most accommodations, while pet-friendly, do not supply food and water bowls for your pet.

Food and Water:  Keeping your pet on the same diet that he’s accustomed to will help to prevent the dreaded diarrhea or vomiting. If your pet has a sensitive stomach, you may also want to bring water.

Can Opener: Depending on your accommodations, you may not be supplied a can opener. Keep in mind most readily available pet foods are packaged in cans so, if you run out you may have to resort to purchasing canned pet food.

Stain Remover/Cleaning Supplies: Just in case! This could occur in transit or at your accommodations. Be courteous and clean any hair or debris.

Plastic Bags/Litter Box with Scoop

Grooming Tools: including a comb and/or brush, nail clippers, pet shampoo, and anything else your pet may need.  Do not groom your pet inside your accommodation. Give him a good grooming before you leave on holidays. If he needs a grooming while on vacation, do it outdoors, away from other guests and rooms, and clean up immediately.

Extra Towels: For wiping those wet or muddy paws.

Collar and Leaches: onsider bringing an extra leash just in case one of them breaks.

Comfortable Bedding:  Bring along whatever your pet is accustomed to, and what smells like “home”.

Identification:  Be sure to record the license numbers, tattoo numbers, and microchip numbers of your pets and bring this list with you. It’s important, too, that your contact information is up-to-date.

Recent Photo: If  your pet is lost while you are traveling, the photo will come in handy when describing him to others. Also jot down any unique identifying marks — be specific.

Vaccination and Other Records:  If you are travelling from another country to Canada, be sure to check what types of vaccinations your pet will need. Bring an up-to-date record with you. Also check with   both   your home country and Canada to see whether or not there are any special requirements for either traveling into the country, or returning to your own.

Veterinarian  Contact Info. :  Especially if you’re travelling to a remote area where you won’t easily find veterinary offices.

First Aid Kit: You can purchase a first aid kit or esemble your own. Click here for our DIY Pet First Aid Kit post.

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