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DIY Pet First Aid Kit

We all know accidents happen and responsible pet owners are always prepared for anything. You may wish to purchase a Pet First Aid Kit or you can follow the suggestions below and build your own:


– Disinfectant and antibiotic ointment

– Sterile saline solution

– Ear cleaning solution

– Canine aspirin

– Hydrogen peroxide

– Activated charcoal

– Eye wash solution

– Anti-diarrhea medication

– Allergy medication

– Medication to relieve itching
Tools & Equipment:

– Muzzle (make sure it’s a proper fit)
– Eye dropper and oral syringe

– Tweezers

– Nail clippers

– Needle-nose pliers

– Scissors

– Nylon slip-leash

– Disposable gloves

– Clean towels

– Paper towels

– A large blanket, which can be used as a stretcher if you have to move your pet

– A second blanket to keep your pet warm

– Cold and heat packs (wrap in a towel – do not place directly against your pet).

– Protect your pet’s important paperwork from getting wet by laminating it. Include:
– The name, phone number, address, and directions to both your regular veterinarian as well as an emergency vet clinic.
– List of medications and dosages, if your pet has a medical condition that requires regular treatment.

– Phone number for a Poison Control Centre.

Additional Tips:

– Don’t give your pet human medication unless advised to do so by your veterinarian.
– Don’t give your dog medication that’s meant for cats, or vice versa.

– Always take precautions when handling an injured pet. Even the most gentle, sweet-natured pet may bite if it is hurt or scared.

– Know how to use the items in your first aid kit. Pet first aid courses can provide instruction. When possible, consult your vet first, particularly before administering medication.

– Periodically check the expiration dates on medications and replace them as necessary.

– Keep a portable crate next to your pet first aid kit.

– Keep your kit in an easily-accessible place in your home, and remember to take it with you when you travel with your pet, too! You can assemble a smaller pet first aid kit for use during travel if you wish.
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