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What to Pack – Cottage Essentials 

Who doesn’t love a long weekend at a cottage? Here 6 items most people forget to pack!

1. Tech chargers!

Not just one either – being a back up. Remember whether you’re travelling abroad or staying local you’re going to an unfamiliar place and new surroundings can cause things to go lost or missing.

Battery Hack

2. Batteries.

What’s the saying “if you didn’t capture it on camera, it didn’t happen”. Now we are not a believe in this saying but in this technological age photos do tell stories so, if you don’t want to find yourself in front of the most magnificent sunset without a functional camera make sure you have extra batteries.

3. A book or reading tablet.

Here’s the thing about serene atmospheres – they’re serene and usually remote. With remote or rural destinations comes less internet reliability. With that being said if books aren’t your thing Netflix now offers a service where you can download movies or episodes to watch at a later date offline!

Clink here to learn more about watching Netflix shows/movies offline


4. A lock 🔐.

While most hotels provide a safe with a key – this isn’t the norm in vacation rentals.

Click here for a selection of locks perfect for travellers.

5. First Aid Items.

You never realize how important they are until you need them. Ask your vacation rental owner if one is provided if not it may be a great idea to pack the essentials – bandaids, tensor bandage, and alcohol wipes.

Click here for a selection of great travel first aid kits.


6. Glasses or contact lens solution.

Not exactly the easiest thing to re-purchase in remote areas.

Consider purchasing affordable “cheater” glasses from your local discount or dollar store instead of a pricy pair you’d be sorry to accidentally lose.

This post was brought to you by Cottage4Me Vacation Rentals on Beautiful Lake St. Clair, Ontario, Canada

Cottage4Me Outdoor Waterview
Beautiful view of just one of Cottage4Me’s outdoor lounge areas.

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