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5 Stars ⭐️ Don’t Settle For Less! 3 Key Things to Look for When Searching for A Perfect Cottage Rental 

5 star quality isn’t hard to achieve if you have the right approach. Your family shouldn’t have to pay much more for a 5 star stay.

Here are 3 points to look for when choosing a quality vacation rental.

1. Linens – This may seem obvious but providing clean linens for your arrival is a little step that goes a long way. It shows that the owner has taken the time to provide a clean space. More importantly it means you do not have to lug linens to your destination and dirty linens home to clean.

2. At least one 4-5 star review – Vacation Rental reviews haven’t become really popular until the introduction of AirBnB so, the lack of reviews doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. Properties should however have at least one to two reputable 4-5 star reviews.

3. No list of rules – While there are rules of etiquette no matter if you stay in a hostel, hotel, or vacation rental – the primary welcoming message shouldn’t be a list of rules. It is customary to pay a “damage deposit” for any vacation rental but if you’re overwhelmed by rules it may damper your fun.

Cottage4Me Vacation Rentals – Lake St Clair, ON., Canada

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