boating, fishing

3 tips for catching Muskie 

1. Bait size should increase as the season gets warmer – When the water is cool you’ll want to use a smaller size lure and bait. Remember that during the spring months they go after smaller prey and increase their prey size in the fall months. 

2. Feelin’ Froggy? – Use Frogs or Minnows – If you’re going to fish for muskie with live bait then it’s recommend that you use either extra-large minnows (5″ to 8″) or juvenile bull frogs. They work very well and are a standard staple in the muskie diet.

3. Create an illusion –  If you have two or three people trolling in the boat, try having everyone troll with the same lure and at the same distance from the boat. This creates the look of a school of fish, which is very attractive to a Muskie.


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