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5 Fun Fishing Facts Novices Don’t Know


1). Criss-Cross: Wonder why toothy walley rarely sheer your line, but muskie and pike do? Walleye might be toothy but the cross-sections of their teeth are round unlike the razor sharp teeth of muskie and pike.
TIP: Tie a wire leader when catching esocids.

2). Turn The Lights Out: Ever wonder why the fish appear when the sun intensity decreases or why the fish always seem to bite after an afternoon thunderstorm? Research has shown that the sudden decrease in light levels trigger walleyes to bite.

3). Fish like a pro, but don’t get stung by a bee: The preferred meal of Smallmouth bass and walleye is the willow cat. The willow cat, has needle-sharp pectoral fins, so be very careful when reeling one in as it can deliver a prick worse than a bee sting.

4). The Icing On The Worm: The catalpa worm is like filet mignon to channel cats.
TIP: To make them even more irresistible try removing their heads and poking a matchstick through their body to turn the worm inside out – this extra step intensifies the worms scent and helps the channel cats find the bait more quickly. 

5). Bathroom ‘Break’: Ever notice that some deep water fish when released can easily swim right back down, and others have difficulties descending? The reason is the swim bladders of some physostomous fish species such as trout are connected to their guts. This allows them to ‘burp’ air as they’re being pulled up, relieving the gas build-up in their swim bladders, decreasing their overall buoyancy.

What are some expert tricks you refer to when fishing like a pro? Tell us in the comments below.

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