3 Ways To Act Like A Canadian While Visiting Canada

Have You Always Wanted To Be A Canadian? Maybe You’re Visiting Canada & Want To Act Like A Local. Well, Here Are 3 Tips On How To Be A Canadian

1). When in doubt apologize, as a matter of fact, apologize a couple of times, repeatedly…even if you are not at fault. Try the ever-so-Canadian apology for apologizing (that’ll really make them think you’re Canadian).

2). Overuse the term “Eh”. Try to use it in various pitches like:…. “Ehhh”, “Eh”, “Eeeeehhh”.

Need some examples?

– “It’s pretty cold out here, Eh (short ‘Eh’)”

– “Ehhhhhh (long ‘Eh’, with emphasis on the ‘h’) how was that hockey game last night?”

– “This new Tim Hortons dark roast is pretty good Eeeehhh (enthusiastic ‘Eh’, with emphasis on the ‘e’).

– “Eh?” (the question invoking ‘Eh’ – which is used if I didn’t hear what you said, or I don’t understand”

– “Eh!?” (The short, quick, “what was that” ‘Eh’ – commonly confused with the question invoking Eh, but clearly distinct in Canadian dialect, this ‘Eh’ is used when you may have an idea what someone said but you’re just trying to reaffirm what you heard to avoid entering into the Canadian apology cycle….You could throw in a “sorry” to accompany this ‘Eh’ but it could really go either way.

So, now that you’ve mastered our iconic idiom lets move on to Canadian conversation.

3). Don’t complain it’s too cold out if it isn’t at least 30 degrees (Celsius!) below – This is any Canadians secret weapon to detect a non-Canadian, and you will surely be found out immediately.

– So now that you’re equipped with the tools on how to act like a Canadian, go out there and visit Canada & be a Canadian!

… we’ll still like you either way :)!


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