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3 Things You Should Always Take A Picture of Before Going On Vacation

Travel Tip
3 Things You Should Take A Picture of Before Going On Vacation.
1. Identification
2. Luggage
3. Belongings


1. Identification – Take pictures of your passport (signed), drivers license, travel health insurance card. Keep a printed copy on you & send copies to your email or a person you trust.

2. Luggage – In the unfortunate event your bags get lost or stolen having a picture of your luggage can make locating them much easier. A photo serves as a visual reference & ensures that the person who is searching for your bags won’t need to open them to make an identification.

3. Belongings – Taking pictures of your packed belongings both prevents you from accidentally leaving items behind & provides a catalogue to reference if your luggage gets delayed, lost, or stolen.

Do you have any travel tips? If so, share them in a comment below!


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