facts about vacation rentals

5 Things That WON’T Happen In A Vacation Rental

1. You won’t be sharing your lawn chair with another group. That is one of the great advantages of choosing a vacation rental over a hotel – you get it all to yourself!…no waking up at 6:00AM only to get into a staring war with the lady (in the tasteful 2-piece ruffle bathingsuit you saw at Macys but regretfully never purchased) to get a chair with an umbrella. No having to tattoo “remember the towels” across your sons head to ensure your whole family doesn’t have to dry-off with a face cloth for the rest of their stay.

2. You won’t be eating breakfast with the owner. With the advent of the ever-so-popular AirBnB (which we are also listed with) some guests have acquired the assumption that all vacation rentals are bed & breakfasts. AirBnB has now grown to include vacation rentals which in their true definition are not bed & breakfasts or couch surfing accommodations. These are villas, cottages, homes, condos, etc. that run on hotel-like business model (and last I checked Barron Hilton has yet to share a room with me on vacation).

3. You won’t be moving aside the owners family photos to make way for your belongings. Most vacation rentals are businesses and not hobbies for property owners or ways to make a few bucks while the owner isn’t visiting his/her own cottage.

4. You won’t be stuck with a less-than expected view. What you see is what you get! The place is all yours and so are the views!

5. You won’t be up-all-night listening to your neighbours. Not exactly something we like to address…but I know we’ve all been there. There you are just trying to get a good nights rest (because you are on vacation..right?!) and from the pit of your stomach you hear the most god-awful sounds coming from the hotel room next door…Don’t you wish you had the place all to yourself?…well yah-shoulda booked a vacation rental instead!

Hotels or vacation rentals…which do you prefer?



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