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10 Facts About Vacation Rentals Everyone Thinks Are True

1. You’ll be sleeping in someones unused family cottage. Most dedicated vacation rental owners are business men/women who view their cottage or vacation home as a business not an income stream when they aren’t hosting their own family gatherings there.

2. You wont have hotel-like amenities. At Cottage4Me we pride ourselves on providing everything you’d find in a hotel … and much, much more! You can expect to feel like home when you’re reaching for the waffle maker to whip-up your family blueberry waffles in the morning.

3. You’re going to be charged up-the-wazoo for everything you touch. It’s standard in the vacation rental industry to leave a “damage deposit” and that is simply used in the same way hotels use it – if anything substantial is damaged or soiled. We don’t look to the damage deposit to capture money – or else I promise you we wouldn’t be in business – in fact, it wouldn’t be an industry standard if it was meant to sneakily take money from guests. All of the amenities included in the cottage are complimentary and do not come with any fees attached. Damage deposits are promptly returned 5-7 business days after you check-out.

4. Vacation rentals are only a summer thing. This statement couldn’t be farther from the truth – Have you ever sat around thinking “I wish we could get away without having to go too far?” … A cottage rental for the weekend can be an eventful family retreat, getaway adventure with friends, or a romantic vacation for two!

6. You’ll be sharing your space with the family of 5 next door. Lighthouse Cove is a community of private homes & cottages. Cottage4Me and all its amenities are solely for your use.

7. It’s too complicated to book a vacation rental. At Cottage4Me we pride ourselves on both a easy booking process & a simple check-in/out. Booking can be done in a matter of minutes – just send us an inquiry and we’ll send you a custom invoice & vohla! your vacation is booked. Check-in and -out is simple too!

8. Vacation rentals are feasible for my family of 6 because we’d have to pay per person. Not here you don’t! Cottage4Me sleeps 8-10 people and there are no per-person fees. You’re welcome to bring your family along – it’s a great way to affordably take your whole family on vacation!

9. I just can’t stay at a vacation rental because I wont be able to bring my pet. Cottage4Me welcomes pets – With our large property we think your pets will love their vacation too! We even supply a food & water bowl so you don’t have to pack one!

10. Vacation rentals require payment in-full & i’m just not comfortable with that. We completely understand – You’ll be happy to know that we do not require payments in full to book a vacation – a minimum payment of $300 (CAD) is all we ask to reserve your vacation. We also provide plenty of ways to pay: in person, by cheque, visa, master card, american express, discover card, & paypal.

… Hopefully we were able to demystify some common misconceptions about vacation rentals! Leave a comment below asking us know some questions you have about vacation rentals.


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