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Natural Essential Oil Spider Repellent 

Who doesn't love a waterfront retreat or spending time outside camping relaxing by the water!? But that moment of tranquillity can easily be interrupted by the presence of creepy crawleys…  If you don’t necessarily want to kill the little critters, but would still like to rid your outdoor and indoor environments of them, essential oils… Continue reading Natural Essential Oil Spider Repellent 

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Southwestern Ontario Wines You’re Sure to Love

Canada’s southernmost reach (along Lake Erie’s north shore) combines beach-front beauty and Ontario’s longest growing season—the intense summer heat and moderating lake breezes are perfect for producing full-bodied wines. Between sips, explore manicured gardens and meandering bike trails, fresh-produce stands and playful summer festivals, even majestic Carolinian forests and a renowned bird sanctuary. Lake Erie… Continue reading Southwestern Ontario Wines You’re Sure to Love

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Natural Sunburn Cures

Sunburns can happen in the snow or on the beach - both hurt like ... well you get the point. Sometimes exploration takes you far from store isles so, here are some natural remedies to ease the burn!   1. Cornstarch & Baking Soda Cornstarch, with its cool, silky texture, is a good way to… Continue reading Natural Sunburn Cures

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Natural DIY Travel Hacks and Advice

Here are some natural DIY health and beauty hacks just in time for spring! 1. Chamomile Tea. Keep some of these tea bags on hand and place them in the fridge - they have great anti-inflammatory properties and make for a soothing aftershave. As a bonus you can brew the tea, add ice to chill,… Continue reading Natural DIY Travel Hacks and Advice